Thursday, December 20, 2012

Enough Cheese?

I love my aunt's Potato soup! So I found the recipe in my mom's recipe book and decided to make it. I got out the carrots, potatoes, cheese, butter, salt, etc. Before I began, I had to dice all of the vegetables. The carrots were the hardest. Once I finally got those diced, my hand hurt and I still had the potatoes and the onion to do. I was glad when I was finished and I had a bowl of diced carrots, a bowl of diced potatoes, and a bowl of diced onion. One thing is for sure, I am wearing goggles next time I dice an onion.

Next, I had to saute the butter and onion. After, texting my mother, who was at work, and asking her what saute meant, I was doing pretty well. I added the rest of the ingredients as time went on. When it came time to dissolve the chicken bouillon cubes in water, I filled a bowl with water and dropped them in. The recipe could have mentioned that the water had to be warm for the cubes to dissolve. I threw them in the soup and hoped for the best.

The last thing was to add the Velveeta cheese. The side note said to use about half of the pack, but I am a cheese fanatic, so I used about three quarters. Once the soup was finished, I dished it into bowls and served it to myself and my grandmother. It was really cheesy and good. All in all, it was a success.

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  1. I want some now! Sometimes the cheesier, the better, haha :)